"It is a defining moment for physical and functional medicine practitioner”





Dear Friends!


For those involved in the practice of physical medicine, it is a chance to shape the discussion and debate everywhere on the broad issues of health care and the contributions that physical and functional medicine can make to solving them. It is a defining moment for physical and functional medicine practitioners in which they can chart a new, exciting path to serve the changing needs of increasing numbers of patients.


We are striving at to provide allied professionals in all areas of physical and functional medicine worldwide a common forum to identify and develop inventive approaches to best respond to continually changing patient needs. This collaborative process enables practitioners to enhance and refine a body of knowledge developed over centuries. We are working with the american college ACOPM. Through ACOPM membership, practitioners have access to an enriching multi-disciplinary environment filled with passionate professionals in which to learn, research, share experience and teach. Members participate and have the opportunity to collaborate in thought-provoking educational symposia, most with CME/CEU credit. However, the real powerour group and ACOPM brings to practitioners is the opportunity to chart the future for physical and functional medicine and to solidify the critical role these fields play in the practice of comprehensive and effective health care.


Our mission and the mission of the American College of Physical Medicine (ACOPM) is to enhance soft tissue knowledge among physicians and other health care professionals regardless of discipline, and to encourage them to incorporate Physical and Functional Medicine to treat connective tissue and other disorders into their practices.


We would love to welcome you as registries of physicalmedicine.eu (PHYSMED/EU)!





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